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It doesn't matter how successful you are, there’s a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. If your career is going great, you often don’t have enough time for your kids. If your relationship with your kids is going great, your body is out of whack or your intimate relationship isn't where you want it to be. 

Let's face it, we're all feeling the stress of our busy modern lifestyles, so what can we do?

Use what works for:

✅ Olympic cyclist, Hayden Roulston (for his heart condition)

✅ TV host, surgeon, professor, and author, "Dr. Oz" (for his patients)

✅ PGA championship golfer, Phil Mickelson (for his psoriatic arthritis and stress)

✅ Singer, Christina Aguilera (for weight loss)

✅ Numerous Hollywood stars, such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie (for stress)

Now's the time to embark on a life changing experience, that will rejuvenate your soul, whilst empowering your mind and strengthening your body, without any fear of harmful side effects. 

No matter what you want in life – joy, love, passion, fulfilment – Reiki energy will give you the means to achieve it.

Let Me Tell You About Reiki...

Reiki is universal life force energy, also known as Ki, Chi or Prana, and is used to treat all conditions affecting the mind, body and spirit. A healthy flow of Ki in the body is said to be responsible for good health, so the system of Reiki aims to increase your level of Ki and get your stagnant Ki circulating again. Reiki immerses your body into the moment and is a deeply relaxing experience. 

Reiki energy travels in a similar way to wifi and radio waves, therefore here's why you would want to use Distant Reiki:


Reiki energy can be sent to you in an instant. So if you suddenly get hit by the blues and need quick relief, Reiki's got your back. 


There's no need for you to be in the same room as the sender in order to receive the energy, so it's great if you have a busy schedule. You can carry on doing your thing, without having to travel anywhere.


You don't need to do anything to receive the energy, except be open to receiving it. 

👇 Here's What To Do Next

Don't settle for a life without enjoyment when you can easily create a happier life!

Commit to Reiki energy healing, so you can (and will!) conquer life. 

✅ Get your FREE, Distant Reiki energy healing session, (worth $27.99) by subscribing above or below. Alternatively, you can email to apply. 

✅ Order your FREE, 7 Chakra Reiki Healing Heart Bracelet, (worth $39.99) details above, if you've not already done so. Then, email me at if you'd like to receive your FREE, Distance Reiki Infusion and Mantra (worth $27.99). 




John Monks (Musician) - England

Michelle was recommended to be by a friend. I'd never heard of Reiki but I decided to give it ago. For a long time I've had problems with sleep, never sleeping through the night and always tired. After my first Reiki treatment I had my first full 8 hours sleep in 6 months. I also took the advice that Michelle gave me in terms of what to do next and it worked a treat. Thanks Michelle, I will definitely be back!!

Mary Vecht (Retired) - St. Annes

I suffer from Arthritis and a number of other health conditions which leave me constant pain. Thankfully, when I have Reiki from Michelle I feel no pain whatsoever during my treatment and for a number of days afterwards. My body feels weightless and I usually experience some heat in my hands. I'm so thankful to know that I can call upon Reiki to help me through my frustrations when I'm feeling low. 

Danielle Bremner (Property Consultant) - Bolton

During the treatment I felt very relaxed and I experience some heat. Overall it was a great experience and Michelle made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. After having the treatment I felt very tired and drained. I slept much better and felt more energized. I would highly recommend it. 

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